Nikolas Anatol Baginsky

Baginsky describes himself as a sculptor. The themes of his works are the capabilities and features of cybernetic machines and independently operating sculptures with the possibility of mutual influence between the machine and the viewer. His research furthers artificial intelligence and the analysis of the chaotic system of the human structure in this technological age. His sculptures combine completely different artistic and philosophical components.

1961 - born in Grafeling
1979 - 1982 Stage designer, Theater im Zimmer, Hamburg
1984 - 1985 Interior design in New York
1987 Foundation of the artist group 'Humunculus Project'
1988 - Foundation of the performance group COAX, Hamburg, Projects in the area of cybernetic machines, robots, music and dance
1990 - Work scholarship as a Fine Artist from the city of Hamburg since then:
continued research and development of neuronal systems and intelligent machines

1994 - present
Computer and net projects, electronic music performances Exhibitions (selection):

1982 - Museum of Art and Trade, Hamburg.
1986 - Museum of Art, Düsseldorf.
1988 - Galerie Wienand, Berlin. La Vilette, Paris. Galerie KX, Hamburg.
1989 - Zomer Festijin, Amsterdam.
1991 - Stipendiaten K3, Hamburg. Ars Electronica, Linz.
1992 - Expo Henk, Rotterdam. Trip Galerie, Lucerne. Le Trianon, Paris. Schalterhalle, Stuttgart. Piazza Virtuale documenta 9, Kassel. Electronic Arts Syndrome, Berlin.
1993 - Mediale, Hamburg. Meyfest, Glasgow.
1994 - Weisser Raum, Hamburg. Bought into the collection of the Hamburg Art Hall (permanent exhibition).
1995 - Galerie Sandmann und Haak, Hanover. Foro Artistico, Hanover.

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