Goerge LeGrady
Slippery Traces:
The Postcard Trail

Featuring: From Analog to Digital, Legradys newest work on CD-Rom, which was created working together with the National Gallery of Canada.

Slippery Traces: The Postcard Trail

An interactive story consisting of 240 postcards. These postcards, as well as their narrative and metaphorical picture contents, are recorded in a connected data bank which constantly expands due to the use of the viewer.
The viewers construct the succession of pictures by choosing a picture segment, which they are personally interested in, and establish a connection to other pictures.
The selected sequences are recorded. The results are constantly evaluated in order to have an influence on the process of selection of further successions of pictures and connections.

"We do not know what effect technological media will have on the future of contemporary art. The situation of today is as unpredictable as last century's situation before the inventions of film, TV, holography and the computers."