International Media Art Forum


In 1987 the association dedicated to the promotion of artistic and cultural events, FORO ARTISTICO, was founded. Since 1991 FORO ARTISTICO has been dedicated exclusively to international media art. The continuous presentation of video sculptures, interactive video and computer installations, sound and light rooms, as well as the inclusion of CD-rom productions and InterNet projects has made FORO ARTISTICO into an international forum of innovative and forward-looking communications concepts.

FORO ARTISTICO has established itself as a mediator between artists and the public. It offers internationally well-known artists and newcomers as well as project groups an ideal experiment field. Its good contact to museums, organisations and festivals makes a world-wide dialogue with other artists and the international exchange between projects possible.

FORO ARTISTICO is a recognized non-profit organization. Besides public funding, sponsors and project patronage make this commitment to the furtherment of art possible. During periods between exhibitions the halls can be used for film and photo studios as well as for artistic projects, conferences, congresses or other special occasions.

Das FORO ARTISTICO is supported by Kulturbüro der Stadt Hannover and is member of Film- und Medienbüro Niedersachsen.