Art That Barks - Art That Bites
6/3 - 7/4/1993
walldrawings and environment by Max Frazee <
interactive installation by Paul Garrin >
The New York artists Paul Garrin and Max Frazee use the American nightmare of watchdogs, police badges, mass-murders and barbed wire as themes in their works.

Paul Garrin, participant at Mediale and Nam June Paik's 'right hand man' displayed his interactive video installation/projection 'YUPPIE GHETTO (WITH WATCHDOG)'. The viewers are given a surprising, not always pleasant role in the trench warfare between rich and poor. The edges of the social chasm are clearly drawn and fortified with violence. Beware of Art!

The French philosopher Michel Foucault said that "every society has the criminals it earns." This is one of Max Frazee's favorite quotes. He has dedicated his creative juices to the mass-murderers of this world. He draws sketches of the scenes of crimes on raw walls, draws up lists of achievements of the murderers and stylizes police rank. With dark humor he analytically reconstructs the lives and effects of the attention-drawing mass-murderers. The Green River Killer Project, dedicated to the person who killed at least 49 women during the 80's, was displayed in the Ice Factory.

Two evening events accompanied the exhibit. Paul Garrin presented a selection of his videotapes on June 4, 1993. On June 5, 1993, Max Frazee read out of his "Ted Bundy Book", a collection of texts from and about the mass-murderer of the same name who was executed in 1989 on the electric chair.