Eislicht II
Ice Light II
4/20 - 5/14/1995
laser sculpture "100 Cheru-beam"
Laser and holography installation from Gino Tavernini, Vito Orazern and Elmar Schueller.

Supported by the Ministry of Science and Culture, the Lotto Foundation of Lower Saxony, the Hanns Lillje Foundation, the Office of Culture of the city of Hanover.

Ice Light II brought together two installations that had their roots in very different areas of art. They were tied together by such elements as light, sound, color and perceptional psychological phenomena.

Gino Tavernini is a sculpture. He built on the philosphical idea of the return of the human being into the Garden of Eden. For this he created a laser sculpture made up of 100 cheru beams. At the same time the work was an attempt to comes to terms with virtual space. The laser beams were directed into a cage-type configuration of glass pipes that were filled with a liquid. The perpendicular, similarly shaped reflections that resulted from the scattering of the beams made the entrance into the interior of the object seem impossible.

Elmar Schueller and Vito Orazem work in the area of design and photography. For the holographic light installation 'Diffracted Room' they took advantage the existing architecture and light conditions. Using lenses and mirrors they guided the exterior light through small openings onto large-scale holographic elements. The resulting separation of contrasts into of bright-dark and narrow-wide produced strange effects in the room.

The goal of both installations was the creation of virtual rooms. The common elements of the creations were light, materiality and architectonic form.

May Frueh opened the exhibition with the performance 'Movement in Diffracted Room'.

Camerata Moderna staged a concert of classic and new compositions with the theme 'timbre' in the true sense of the word. A light show planned strictly for this purpose enhanced the concert on a visual level.