Giacometti's Scale

The MULTILINEAR Festival of text + image (link opens in new window) presents Giacometti`s Scale, a video installation by Irit Batsry.

Giacometti's Scale deals with the human desire to comprehend what is real and to approach reality.
In her video installation Irit Batsry refers to writings of Alberto Giacometti where he describes his relationship to reality and the role of art in it.

A play with projections, reflections and dimensions. Texts and pictures keep changing constantly and mix (blend into one) with the shadows of the visitors.
One wall of the installation contains panorama lenses which enable the viewer to look outside. Indeed, they also project an inverted picture of the outside world into the inside and turn the room into a kind of Camera Obscura which, at the same time, seems to create the outside world like a projector.

A successfull metaphor for the human mind which simultaneously creates and reflects the world during the action of perceiving it.