9/9 - 10/3/1993
Video installations and sculptures by
Annebarbe Kau, Axel Klepsch, Norbert Meissner
This exhibitions showed video installations from three scholarship recipients of the Akademie Schloß Solitude in Stuttgart, in cooperation with the ZKM Center for Art and Media Techonology in Karlsruhe. Annebarbe Kau and Axel Klepsch were top students under Nam June Paik at the Art Academy in Dusseldorf. Norbert Meissner was one of the founders of "Channel X" in Leipzig.

"The Haus" from Annebarbe Kau is a work that reduces the typical picture of the outside of a house down to the very basics. It is made up of a square base and four corners that run together at the top to form a roof. The viewer can see that the house is occupied, because inside the blue TV light of the picture tube is on.

Norbert Meissner condensed the communication structures of the media in his installation "Filmfax". The viewer sits down in a passport photo cubicle and selects a genre out of the assortment (western, spy thriller, comedy, love story, etc.). A one to two minute extremely shortened version of the essence of the chosen film genre is then presented: a lightning fast journey through the film history of the last decades.

Axel Klepsch displayed his "the spider" along with other works. In this work an observation camera waits in its net of monitors for its next victim. The person who wanders too close would falls into the trap.