Shigeko Kubota Video Sculpture
10/21 - 11/28/1993
video sculptures
Retrospective with nine video installations and objects.

This exhibit, with its extensive scope, was the first extensive exhibit of one of the most important representatives of international video art in Hanover.

Shigeko Kubota, born in 1937, studied sculpture at the University of Tokyo at the beginning of the 60's in a recovering Japan. The exciting climate of avante garde art trends of this time and the art actions of famous personalities such as Cage, Kaprow and Oldenburg put her under their spell.

Shigeko Kubota had her first exhibit in 1964. She left Japan and went to the USA. Her varied points of contact to the Fluxus movement and her friendship to Yoko Ono allowed her to fluctuate between her tradition-loaded Japanese origins and the anarchistic liberal ideals of her environment. At this time she began her first attempts with the medium video. At first she concentrated more on the documentary possibilities of video. She produced pictures for her series 'broken diary', which was resumed at a later date. This series captured certain events much the way a diary would, using real pictures and overlaps. Shortly before his death she became aquainted with the Dadaist Marcel Duchamp. Under the title 'Duchampiana' this encounter was reflected in a series of video installations, objects and volumes that recurrently analyzed Durchamp's work and citations. She exhibited her video works for the first time in New York in 1972. She combines childhood memories, sensations from her situation as an artist and a woman, and her own philosophical contemplations of nature and existence with a sensitive sculptural intuition in her artistic analysis. Shigeko Kubota, along with Nam June Paik and Bill Viola, is one of the true video pioneers. Many of her works are counted as classics and have helped determine the direction of the trends and developments in the current video art.

The exhibition in FORO ARTISTICO consists of ten selected exhibits and a continuous presentation of sample video albums.