Beat-Re-Beat II
Live video performance from Adam Boome (GB)

The pieces use musical structures. They create music often from everyday events. They often use arbitrary rules to allow the unexpected to enter the work. "I try to achieve the emotional kick of pop music whilst retaining the artistic aim of revealing the world in a new way."

People are often horrified when music and mathematics are mentioned in the same context. Music is somehow supposed to be groovy and mathematics is supposed to be dull. Mathematics is very groovy. Music and mathematics come from the same creative space, they are basically the same thing, sense of form." ... "I am using language whic h operates on an intuiative associative level, the poetry level. ... I am not the first in this area, I am very aware of the spirit of fluxus and of dada but i have modern media technology at my disposal and pop culture on my screen." (Adam Boome)

Adam Boome builds his compositions from elements of slang and from objects and pictures from everyday life. He alienates the concrete, normal sounds of the objects and the rhythm of speech and uses the results as building blocks in his minimistically structured scores. Picture and sound levels complement one another ironically or are mutually defeating.
Live on stage Boome acts in concordance with the pictures, sounds, and fragments of speech from the videos that are being shown. He uses irritation and irony to deliver a dazzling, dubious interplay between film and reality. Adam Boome works with a very wide range of materials, from performances, multimedia installations and video clips and documentations to records and graphic notations.

Adam Boome describes his performance: "The performance lasts for 45 minutes and consists of 12 seperate pieces. This echoes the form of a pop concert. The performer stands in front of a large projection that sends out image and sound. The projection is in a sense the "band" and the performer the lead singer. "I try to create and use image in the same way as it is used by pop music."