3/28 - 4/21/1996
Video installation by Kjell Bjorgeengen

Ten monitors were mounted in a row on the wall in a completely darkened room. There was a gap of 11 centimeters (4.33 inches) between the monitors. A picture appeared and moved from screen to screen. The picture appeared on all 11 monitors at the same time. After a minute all the monitors except for one faded to black.
At this point cello music from Joelle Leandre started. The picture appeared to wander from one screen to the gap next to it. The picture did not completely disappear from the one screen before it started to appear on the next.
In this way it seemed to move itself around, apparently driven by the cello composition from screen to screen without rushing itself, fast in slow motion over the entire horizon, a continuum of motion, a complete dissolution out of the limits of the screen. Even in the moment of nonexistent existence, in the black gap between screens, the picture stayed in motion because the viewer's involuntarily tendency to tie the pictures together. Halfway through the presentation another black-white motif appeared, and in the same rhythm a third.

All three pictures were bound by the same coarse structure as well as the complete dissolution of subject and shape, which gave rise to a new, undefined form.
This new form served Bjørgeengenss work concept. 10 laser disc players, 10 video channels, 10 monitors, wall mounts, 1 amplifier, stereo sound