9/2 - 9/3/2006
a district of a town becomes an exhibition venue; empty shops provide space for art
presentation of the project with videos, fotos, scetches and plans

works by Anja Bremer + Beate Kirsch (D), Marnix de Nijs (NL), Christian Dootz (D), Klaus W. Eisenlohr (D), Egbert Mittelstädt (D), Stefan Panhans (D), Michelle Teran (CAN)

Shop windows are papered over and doorways closed off with iron grilles; as an increasing number of shops close down in the Südstadt, a residential area to the south of Hanover city centre, the nature of the surrounding neighbourhood is changing. Between Altenbekener Damm and Marienstrasse there are numerous shops now standing empty: the boutique, the dry cleaner’s and the kiosk, shops that sold tea, flowers or accessories for cat-owners, the bicycle shop and the grocer’s, even the jeweller’s and the bank.
This withering of the economic foundations of the area calls in question the quality of life in the district and its attractiveness as a residential area; there is a danger that people will cease to identify with their own neighbourhood, and that neighbourly interest in the immediate urban surroundings will decline.
The "StattLäden" project - the German term is a pun, combining the ideas of "city shops" and "instead of shops" - is seeking to draw attention to this process of change and decay in a residential area close to the city centre by means of artistic statements. The use of art to "occupy" the empty spaces is intended to invite residents, visitors, property owners and planners to involve themselves in a critical consideration of this development and its causes.
The revitalisation of empty shops by installing works of art in them that make use of the media of film, video, photography, light, projection and interactive computer simulation is intended to provoke people into taking a new look at everyday life in the city, and to reveal interconnections in the urban scene, define the immediate neighbourhood as a place of experience and provide a visionary impetus that will add vitality to city life.

collaboration with Eisfabrik e.V. and ART PRO MEDIA

Marnix de Nijs, "Run Motherfucker Run", 2004

Anja Bremer + Beate Kirsch, "StattLäden als Fenster zum Himmel", 2006

Stefan Panhans, "SIEBEN BIS ZEHN MILLIONEN", 2005

Christian Dootz, "Foto-Installation", 2006

Michelle Teran, "Blank Look", 2006

Egbert Mittelstädt, "Path Leading To The High Grass", 2005

Klaus W. Eisenlohr, "New Urban Claim", 2006