< Crossings,
Volker Schreiner

> Cockpits,
Christoph Girardet

Video sculptures from Claus Blume, Christoph Girardet and Volker Schreiner

The three video artists have drawn attention to themselves and received recognition through their videos and video sculptures. Their works have been displayed and distinguished at many festivals. They have been awarded scholarships, prizes and teaching positions.

Claus Blume's work 'Hommage à I.B I.B.' is an austere yet very personal creation, in which he comes to terms with the death of his mother.

Christoph Girardet calls his installation 'Cockpits'. Round, wide-meshed wicker baskets cover the monitors. On these monitors fighting cocks are shown, bloodily battling with one another. Thus the audience is shielded from the brutal events but nevertheless tries to catch a peek.

Volker Schreiner, who won the Video Art Prize of Marl in 1992, displayed 'Crossings'. These sculptures consist of real materials and immaterial video images that come together in amazing and imaginative ways.