Werner Cee
Werner Cee is a musician and composer. After his studies at the College of Fine Arts in Frankfurt/Main he has devoted himself mainly to the development of self-dynamic, sound producing systems.

The intuitive sense of sound, light and space becomes an experimental area in his conceptual work and manifests itself in numerous concerts. His installations are characterized by their elements of momentum, electronic sound producers and light visions.

After a scholarship at the Akademie Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart, Cee has been working with Horst Prehn on the development of 'brain drops'. For this work they were invited to the ars electronica in Linz as well as the Mediale in Hamburg.

Cee was born in 1953 and studied at the Collefe of Fine Arts in Frankfurt/Main. From 1979 to 1989 he worked as a freelance painter. He has had several exhibitions of his sound installations and music performances in Germany.

see exhibition "Sensitive Systems"
"Braindrops", interactive biofeedback installation/ performance