Sensible Systeme
Sensitive Systems

Terrain 01,
Ulrike Gabriel
Exhibition with Ulrike Gabriel, Horst Prehn and Werner Cee.

Highly developed technical devices that measure precisely, control exactly and perform intricate functions without human assistance can be found in medical practices, Technical Control Board examination points and laboratories of every branch of industry. Despite their apparent advancement they are still just by-products of truly high-tech inventions. Compared to the state-of-the-art equipment involved in space research and in the military, they belong in a museum. This exhibition artistically analyzes the possibilities of such highly sensitive engineering.

Neuronal and biosensorial systems with the ability to learn and communicate, and with movable mechanisms, objects and installations were developed for this exhibition. They make it possible for the audience to see how the new generation of artists is finding its position. FORO ARTISTICO's goal was to present this rapidly developing form of the media arts with the presentation of 'Terrain 01' from Ulrike Gabriel and 'braindrops' from Horst Prehn and Werner Cee.

'Terrain 01' operates on energy currents. The brain currents of the viewer are measured with sensors and are entered into a computer. The values that are obtained control the brightness of a 12 KW light installation. Beneath this circle of lights are small solar-powered beetle-like objects. The more relaxed the test person yes, the brighter the lights become, which in turn make the beetles more active. When the test person is tense, the opposite is the case.

Ulrike Gabriel gathered a wide range of experiences through her work with computer controlled systems during her studies at the Staedel Institute for New Media in Frankfurt/Main. Besides other exhibitions and participation in art festivals in Europe and Japan, she displayed 'Terrain 01' for the first time in Osnabruck in the autumn of 1993.
Werner Cee and Horst Prehn
The performance installation 'braindrops' from Horst Prehn and Werner Cee is a special example of interactive systems in the border area between art and science. Changes in conditions of the recipient are made visible and audible through the use of a psycho-physical interface. The emotional state of being produces measurable signal. These data are then used inside the system to produce and alter pictures and sounds. These changes then have retroactive influence on the recipient. The personal psycho-physical changes are made distinct in the audio-visual production. Thus the connections permit the unconscious penetration into the deepest personal state of feelings and allow the viewer to consciously experience his own being.

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