Raw Material Vol. 1-11
9/13 - 10/7/1995
video composition
Video composition for 11 monitors from Henning Lohner (Germany and USA).

Since 1988 Henning Lohner has been producing cultural documentations for European television. His film archive contains more than 400 hours of video, which provides him with an unexhaustible source of raw material for this exhibit.

The network that was developed by this installation presents interviews as well as landscapes in short and long cuts, in a new, free form of presentation. Well-known contemporary artists and philosophers bring their personal views on existence as well as their observations of the trivial. Henning Lohner organized this material to put an equal emphasis on speech, pictures and sounds. In this way he generated a type of global talk. The eleven monitors, each with a different scenario, give rise to a mosaic. It is up to the viewer to decide whether he sould focus his attention on the individual parts or see the composition as a whole.